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Understanding Web Hosting: What You Need to Know


One of the most common questions I receive is about hidden charges. Allow me to clarify: all prices listed on our website are in AUD and are transparent, devoid of any concealed fees. Furthermore, as technology advances, we endeavor to reduce our prices even further, albeit we’re subject to fluctuations in global currencies. It’s worth noting that the price you see today also applies to renewals.

Now, let’s delve into the realm of web hosting, a topic close to our hearts:

Think of your website as a storefront or office space, and your visitors as customers. When setting up a new store, what essentials do you require? You need a name (domain name), a location (web hosting plan), a physical setup (website design and maintenance), and products or services to offer. Similarly, a website operates on these fundamental principles.

Your domain name acts as your digital storefront sign, guiding visitors to your online presence. It’s crucial to select a name that aligns with your brand or purpose, as it’s the gateway for customers to find you. Australian domain names typically cost $20.00/year each, with registration requiring an ABN/ACN.

Moving on to hosting plans, our packages start at $7.00/month, catering to multi-page WordPress websites with ample imagery. WordPress, a versatile platform, is an excellent starting point and can be easily installed upon request. Additionally, we offer complimentary installation of DIVI, a premium WordPress theme valued at USD $89/year, for the duration of your Dove Hosting plan.

However, beyond domain registration and hosting, you’re responsible for furnishing your website with content—photos, documents, narratives, and products. These elements not only attract visitors but also engage them, encouraging exploration of your site.

While additional considerations like advertising (SEO), backups (insurance), and security (password protection) are essential, unlike physical stores where they’re separate expenses, our domain and hosting plans cover these aspects.

Feeling overwhelmed? Remember the proverbial question: How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Take it step by step, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We can guide you in selecting the perfect domain name and even assist in website development through our trusted partner, COMPLETE WEB DESIGN, offering affordable options starting at $650 for a basic three-page site, with additional pages at $50 each, all built on WordPress using the Divi theme.

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