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What do I need to know about Web Hosting


The first question I generally get asked is: Are there any hidden charges.

All prices that you see on our website are in AUD  and do not have any hidden fees. In fact as technology improves we hope to reduce our prices even more, but we are still controlled by the changing world currencies.


Now to Web Hosting our favourite subject:

Imagine your website as a shop or office.

Your visitors to your website are your customers.

Imagine you are opening a new store, what do you need.

  • A store name
  • Location
  • Staff
  • Products

These are the necessary items for any store to operate, and so it is for a website. Let’s see how they compare.

  • Store name (domain name)
  • Location (web hosting plan)
  • Shop/Office Fittings (somebody to build and maintain your website)
  • Products (something for visitors to purchase)

A domain name lets people know who you are, it is like a sign out in front of your store with your business name in large letters, and is a must have. A website will not work without one. You would not get many customers into your store, except for passing trade, if they do not know how to find you, your domain serves that purpose. That is why you need to choose a name that represents your business or interest.

The three most popular domain names will cost you AUD $20.00/yr each. All Australian domain names ending in .au you will also need to have and ABN/ACN for registration.

Next comes the Hosting Plan. Our web hosting plans start off at AUD $60.00/yr which is more that enough for a multi page WordPress website with a number of images. WordPress is a good way to start and can be easily installed, if you ask we will install and set it up for you. Later if you need to expand your website plan this can be done for only the difference in the annual cost of the plan, there are no additional charges.

As well as installing WordPress for you we can offer to install DIVI one of the best WordPress themes available, current price is USD 89/yr, our price is $50 AUD for life while you have a plan with Dove Hosting.

The last two items, are your responsibility, photos, documents, stories you need told, goods for sale, all the things to make your website interesting for people to not only visit your site, but, to also stay a while and look around.

Like any good store there are always some other items you need, like, advertising (Search Engine Optimisation), insurance (backups), security (passwords), you get the idea. Unlike a physical store where these items are an extra expense, our Domain Names and Hosting Plans cover the cost.

Remember the old, old question – How do you eat an elephant? answer: One bite at a time.

If you think this is getting all too hard, take one step at a time, and contact us. We can point you in the right direction to achieve your goal. We can work with you to select your perfect Domain Name, remember Domain names are precious, there can ever only be one, like one or one even only one, so choose wisely and make it mean something about your website.

We can also build a website for you if you wish, with many years of creating and hosting websites we have the expertise required. A three page website will cost you $350 and $50 for any additional pages. Your website would be built on WordPress and use the Divi theme, one of the best themes in the industry and if we build and host your website, Divi is free, no cost, nada.

Our plans are similar to Virtual Private Servers, where resources such as disk space, memory and CPU limits are adjusted to give the best service possible then fixed making it act as though each website was on it’s own server. Full details on why and how this type of hosting is best can be found on out Hosting page.


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